Rates and Services

Home Birth Midwifery Services - Call for price

I believe in mothers.  I believe in a mother's physical ability to give birth, and in her fierce tenacity to learn all she can to make the best decisions for her family.  

I believe a healthy mother and healthy baby comes from a healthy pregnancy.  As a team, you and I encourage this positive outcome through excellent nutrition counseling, emotional and spiritual support, as well as suggestions to relieve common pregnancy discomforts.  

I provide theses services under the supervision of another excellent local midwife, Tami Pugh.  

Contact me for details and pricing.  

(435) 724-7559 call or text

[email protected]

Independent Doula - $500 flat fee

TWO Doulas - $600 (Best. Value. Ever.)

I am happy to serve women as a doula in both hospital and home settings. This service includes 2 prenatal visits, full support during the entire labor process, and 1-2 postpartum visits, depending on your personal needs and desires.  

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Visit my doulamatch.net profile to see testimonials.

*Free doula services are available to members of the Roosevelt 4th ward*

Placenta Encapsulation - $200

Placenta Tincture - $25 ($50 if without encapsulation)

Your placenta is an amazing organ.  Please don't just throw it away!  Women who consume their placentas often report improvements such as: 

  • Increased milk supply
  • More energy
  • Lessened symptoms of postpartum mood disorders
  • Fewer postpartum mood swings
  • Less bleeding
  • Better overall postpartum recovery

Some women choose to save their pills/tinctures until menopause, or use their tinctures for their children during times of transition or stress.  Some women have even turned their tinctures into homeopathic remedies.  Visit www.PlacentaBenefits.info or contact me for more information (I am not affiliated with PBi).  

Should your placenta yield fewer than 100 capsules, I will make a tincture free of charge.  

Placenta encapsulation takes two days.  I usually come over in the evening to begin preparation, let the placenta dehydrate overnight, and then finish the job the next day.  Preparation ideally occurs in YOUR home for safety reasons.  Placenta tinctures can be ready in as early as six weeks.  I recommend using both services, so you can enjoy the benefits of placentophagy for as many months as possible.

Postpartum Bengkung Belly Binding - $150 - $600 (depending on your chosen package)

Bengkung belly binding is like a warm hug with healing abilities.  It gently draws your organs, muscles, bones, and belly back to your pre-pregnancy shape.  This is particularly helpful for women with diastasis recti (this separation of the abdominal muscles is VERY common), but will help everyone whose body has changed during pregnancy.

Economy Bind - $150

I will wrap you once postpartum, and teach the person of your choice (usually your partner) how to do the wrap.

3 Day Bind - $250

I personally wrap you once each day for 3 days.

5 Day Bind - $325

10 Day Bind - $600

Each of these packages comes with a standard unbleached, undyed, unserged muslin wrap, as pictured above, unless you purchase a premium wrap.

Premium Wrap - $45 (with the purchase of any binding package)

These wraps are hand-crafted by an independent crafts-woman.  They are beautifully dyed, and serged for maximum durability.  The exact pattern of your wrap will vary, but if I have several on hand, you may have your pick.  If I don't have any in stock, shipping times may delay your bind.

Purchasing a premium wrap is optional.  But beautiful.

Essential Oils

I believe our bodies know how to be healthy.  All they need are the right building blocks.  

Contact me if you would like to learn more about how essential oils can empower you to care for your family's health needs.  

No obligation to purchase anything from me.  I am, first and foremost, a teacher.  I invite you to visit my essential oils official website at http://www.mydoterra.com/doulaheather, where you can learn common ways to use essential oils in your home, purchase high quality essential oils, or open a wholesale account.

Zyto Scan Wellness Consultation - $25

Learn which essential oils your body most needs to be well*.  

1 FREE Zyto Scan when you purchase an enrollment kit from me.

$10 Zyto Scans for my team members.

*This device is not designed to diagnose or treat any disease.  It is a tool for maintaining wellness through botanical supplementation.