Women  are  strong 

“Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers--
strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know 
their inner strength.” ― Barbara Katz Rothmano

Midwifery Services

I believe that women are strong and they should know it.  I imagine a world where women know their power and use it to fill the world with light.  My role as your midwife is to open your eyes to your own inner strength and watch as you access it.  I believe in mothers.  I believe in a mother's physical ability to give birth, and in her fierce tenacity to learn all she can to make the best decisions for her family.   

I believe a healthy mother and healthy baby come from a healthy pregnancy.  As a team, you and I encourage this positive outcome through excellent nutrition counseling, emotional and spiritual support, as well as suggestions to relieve common pregnancy discomforts.  You will get full prenatal care on the same schedule you would see at at doctor's office, only our appointments will average 90 minutes in length.  We talk about you and how you're feeling and what you need.  I teach you techniques to ease or sometimes even end your pregnancy discomforts.  We examine your nutrition and together develop a plan to keep you low risk so you and your baby can have a safe birth experience.  

Nutrition is the only part of birth you can 100% control.  Most women find my nutrition advice easy to follow and compatible with their unique lifestyles.  No, you don't have to eat tofu or quit all sugar (unless you want to, and there would be advantages).  You do have to eat enough good food to give both your body and your baby's body what they need to safely withstand the rigors of labor.  This preventative care is what makes us different from doctors who monitor concerns but don't intervene until those concerns become life-threatening, or only cover the symptoms with drugs without addressing the root of the problem.  

Making changes while a problem is small is what makes home birth safe.  If you cannot or will not make those changes, I will refer you to an excellent doctor so you may safely give birth in a hospital with me as your supportive doula.  I don't believe in home birth or bust.  I believe in home birth while birth is normal, and hospital birth when birth requires additional tools.

I believe labor can be fun!  Maybe not video game fun, but much better than marathon fun.  This happens when you are well supported and surrounded--but not suffocated--by love.  It's a difficult paradigm shift for those of us who grew up watching scary (and ridiculously fake) birth scenes on TV, or listened to our aunts and sisters and friends talk about how horrible and painful and scary their births were.  It doesn't have to be that way.  Birth is part of the divine destiny of women.  It isn't a punishment, but a sweet and incredible gift that can bring you closer to the divine than almost any other act.  I can show you.

As a VBA2C mother myself, VBACs are very welcome.  Chances are you aren't as high risk as your doctor has lead you to believe.  And I guarentee your doctor hasn't spent over 2,000 hours studying the subject as I have.  (And if you really are high risk, I will tell you.)

I provide theses services under the supervision of another excellent local midwife, Tami Pugh.  

I began studying midwifery in 2009, though I didn't know I wanted to be a midwife until 2011 when I moved to the Uintah Basin.  I started apprenticing with Tami Pugh shortly after my 4th baby was born nearly 5 years ago, which is around the same time I completed my doula training.  Unlike most classroom based schooling models, my education has been very hands-on and immersive, but still heavily based in evidence and science.  Unrelated to birth, I have a BMED in Music Education with an emphasis in band and have taught private brass lessons for over 20 years (my specialty is French horn).

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